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Submitted on
September 20, 2009
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The cabin was surrounded,
in the middle of the night,
take the humans or leave them?
well this would be a sight!

We had to live no matter what,
i was the leader of our clan,
but the humans had been good to us,
but when did they enter the plan?

I was debating for a while,
with that voice inside my head,
should i risk the lives of my family?
or what i rather be dead?

Finally my heart won out,
so we up-up-and-awayed into the night,
and i never really felt better,
then with my family in mid-flight.

Those humans do cross my mind,
did they live or did they die?
but really i was an experiment,
they were no concern of mine.

My name is Maximum Ride.

I am IN LOVE with the series by James Patterson.
Max is a kick ass chicka who falls in love with her best friend whilst trying to save her flock from becoming experiments again at the school.

Well worth the read, 5 books so far...

book 1 - Maximum Ride- Angel Experiment
book 2 - Maximum Ride- Schools out forever
book 3 - Maximum Ride- Saving the world and other extreme sports
book 4 - Maximum Ride- The Final Warning
book 5 - Maximum Ride- Max
Connia Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
hm. Max could never write that. but u made it sound like she did. wow
Fnick16 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2009
That was really good! I love Maximum Ride! And I can't write poetry to save my life... XD
Briionyy-Ransommm Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2009
thank youuuu :heart:
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